What Services Do Community Clubs in Suffolk County NY Offer?

Community clubs in Suffolk County, NY offer a wide range of services to their members and the local community. The Suffolk County Department of Social Services provides Wrap Around Services, which include case management services that address educational resources, legal services, financial services, social services, and family services. These services are either free or low-cost and subsidized for eligible families residing in the county. The Federation of Organizations provides care coordination services in Queens, Kings, Suffolk, and Nassau counties.

Their mission is to connect people who don't have access to services with long-term support. They help people get their lives back on track by providing assistance with housing, benefits, health coverage, and employment. The Federation also offers information and references to those in need. The P.

O. W. E. R (Peer Outreach with Night Recreation) program is based in Suffolk County and provides services to the homeless and those living with mental illness, as well as those with other co-occurring disorders.

Through the Federation's Peer Bridger Services, recovery specialists with personal experience treating mental health problems, substance abuse, and chronic conditions work one-on-one with people in the inpatient behavioral treatment unit to help them return to the community. The Adoptive Grandparents Program provides volunteer opportunities for low-income seniors who want to stay active in their communities. This program provides personalized assistance to children in elementary schools, Head Start centers, and day care centers throughout Suffolk County. The Department of Social Services also offers a Temporary Care Program which allows caregivers to take a break from the emotional and physical stressors of daily care.

Additionally, they have a new free mobile application available to county residents that allows them to submit the necessary documents. In addition to these essential services, community clubs in Suffolk County also offer a variety of activities for their members and the local community. These activities include karaoke nights, game nights, craft classes, theme parties, and community tours. Residents can also use their mobile phones to track their Suffolk County Transit bus live and get accurate arrival predictions.

Suffolk County is committed to providing its residents with access to essential services as well as recreational activities that promote community engagement and well-being.

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