Leadership Opportunities in Suffolk County Community Clubs

Suffolk Community College Student Activities offers a plethora of clubs and organizations for students to explore and take on leadership roles. From Girl Scouts awards to internships with the Human Rights Commission, there are plenty of ways for students to get involved and make a difference in their community. The Grant Campus Club is a great way to build relationships and gain experience in the communication field. The Fashion Retail Club unifies the Suffolk County Community College and the wider community, while also inspiring students to pursue careers in retail and fashion.

The Human Rights Commission offers internships and traineeships throughout the year, while the Living Hope Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church provides an opportunity to serve as a Christian education leader and external affairs liaison. Curtis is a leading voice educating the Suffolk County community about fair housing, rental rights, and rent discrimination. ALAS takes the initiative to spread its ideas and visions to make a difference, while also expressing students' understanding of different dance styles. Girl Scouts has several awards for older girls who are interested in taking on leadership roles. These awards recognize their hard work and dedication to helping others.

The CARES Club provides students with a safe and supportive environment to grow and trust. In conclusion, there are many leadership roles available within community clubs in Suffolk County NY. Whether it's working with younger Girl Scouts or serving as a Christian education leader, there are plenty of ways for students to make a difference in their community.

Tiffany Konkel
Tiffany Konkel

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