Unlocking the Mission of Suffolk County Community College Clubs

Suffolk County Community College is a renowned institution that promotes intellectual discovery, physical development, social and ethical awareness, and economic opportunities for all. The college is also known for its diverse range of clubs that are designed to meet the needs of its student body. From CARES Club to Open Studio Club to Psi Beta to East End Elements to Garden Club to Alpha Zeta Nu section of Phi Theta Kappa - each club has its own mission that helps foster an environment that encourages learning and growth. CARES Club is a safe and supportive environment for students to trust and grow.

Open Studio Club provides a creative space for students interested in making beautiful works of art. Psi Beta is dedicated to the professional development of psychology students by promoting and recognizing excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. East End Elements is the East Campus literary magazine of Suffolk County Community College that publishes poetry, prose, artwork, and photographs submitted by students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Garden Club creates awareness, knowledge and opportunities for Suffolk students who are interested in participating in plant-oriented activities. Alpha Zeta Nu section of Phi Theta Kappa is committed to promote scholarships, develop leadership and service, and cultivate fellowship among qualified students at this school.

Lastly, the Ballroom Dance Club serves to achieve two main objectives - teaching students the elegance and respect of ballroom dancing as well as helping them increase their confidence when dancing as a couple. Suffolk County Community College offers a variety of clubs that are designed to meet the needs of its diverse student body. Whether it's providing a safe space for students or teaching them about different dance styles - these clubs are essential for providing students with an opportunity to explore their interests while developing their skills.

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