Exploring Educational Programs Offered by Community Clubs in Suffolk County, NY

Are you looking for educational programs offered by community clubs in Suffolk County, NY? If so, you're in luck! Suffolk Community College Student Activities supports more than 90 clubs and organizations, and the Suffolk County CCE provides a variety of fun-filled, research-based programs with a focus on agriculture, marine issues, and the environment. The Office of Health Education also offers comprehensive health education programs to help young people stop their addiction to nicotine and prevent tobacco use. The best way to prevent tobacco use is to provide health education to students starting in kindergarten and continuing each year through 12th grade. Training in HealthSmart, a comprehensive K-12 medical education curriculum, is available to Suffolk County teachers.

School staff are also trained to provide pre-smoking and quitting programs for students who are addicted to nicotine. All curricula and training are provided free of charge to any public or private school in Suffolk County. Districts also receive assistance to strengthen their tobacco control policies. To combat the glamorization and normalization of tobacco consumption by decades of advertising in the tobacco industry, Suffolk County presents the real truth about tobacco use through presentations available for high schools, universities, and community groups. The Student Government Association at Suffolk County Community College Ammerman Campus serves to define, defend, and protect all student rights, responsibilities, and freedoms, as well as the general welfare of students. The Office of Health Education has also implemented a comprehensive approach to help young people stop their addiction to nicotine and offer prevention programs for those who have not yet started it. In addition to health education programs, Suffolk County CCE is dedicated to providing young people with a better understanding and appreciation of their environment and health through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs.

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Community Relations Unit provides classroom curriculum taught by Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs and Correctional Officers who have received specialized training. The East End Elements literary magazine publishes poetry, prose, artwork, and photographs submitted by students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The fashion retail club aims to inspire and promote the interest of students seeking to pursue careers in the retail and fashion industries. The mission of Suffolk Saves the Amazon (SSTA) is to raise funds to help conserve the Amazon rainforest. The Garden Club helps students develop an awareness of opportunities in academic and business communities while the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Scout Program promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship, and patriotism. Kiwanis clubs provide resources to help nurses and emergency room doctors learn how to help reduce children's exposure to second-hand smoke and prevent many childhood illnesses. Finally, Ammerman A Cappella is a club for students interested in singing a capella music in a variety of styles.

The objectives of this club are to help students interested in mathematics by participating in different events related to mathematics including visiting science museums, tutoring sessions, attending conferences, exploring opportunities, and establishing relationships with existing clubs and academic groups.

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