Unlocking the Potential of Community Clubs in Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County Community College is committed to providing a range of opportunities for all its students, from intellectual and physical to social, ethical, and economic. One of the ways it does this is through its community clubs, which offer a variety of activities and support for students. The WellLife Club is a walk-in center located in Suffolk County that provides social and emotional support to people with mental illnesses. It helps them reach their full potential through motivation, recreation, and shared experiences.

The Garden Club is dedicated to creating awareness, knowledge, and opportunities for students interested in plant-oriented activities. The STEM Club encourages a strong interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Student Government Association at the Ammerman campus works to define, defend, and protect student rights, responsibilities, and freedoms. The Lighthouse News is a publication produced by students from the eastern campus.

The Open Studio Club provides a creative space for students interested in art and also helps the community through food donation campaigns, nutrition education, and fundraising. The CARES Club offers a safe and supportive environment for students to trust and grow. It is taught by Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs and Correctional Officers who have received specialized training. The club also encourages students to express their understanding of different dance styles by showing them a diverse group of dance expressions and helping them to better develop their skills. The Alpha Zeta Nu section of Phi Theta Kappa at Suffolk Community College promotes scholarships, develops leadership and service, and cultivates fellowship among qualified students. Stop the Bleed training from the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is available to all schools, community organizations, businesses, and faith-based organizations in the county. Suffolk County Community College's community clubs are an invaluable resource for its students.

They provide a range of activities that help students reach their full potential while also giving back to the community. From mental health support to art classes to STEM education, these clubs offer something for everyone.

Tiffany Konkel
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